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Emergency planning active!

Emergency planning active. This is not an exercise.

Emergency planning active!

Belgoprocess’ internal emergency plan has been activated and actions are being coordinated from its Emergency Headquarters to make maximum use of all available resources for managing the emergency situation.

Why was

the emergency planning


At the moment, there is not enough concrete information available to provide more clarity. Please consult this web page regularly for an update of messages.

Activation of an

emergency planning

to react quickly.

The activation of the emergency planning mobilises a wide range of actors to bring a possible emergency situation rapidly under control. The sooner the emergency planning is activated, the sooner the normal situation is returned to normal.

What are the Belgoprocess

Emergency Headquarters?

The Belgoprocess Emergency Headquarters are the premises on the Belgoprocess site that are equipped with the resources and documentation required for crisis management in emergency situations.

What is

Belgoprocess’ internal

emergency plan?

The Belgoprocess emergency plan (or company emergency plan) is the plan that defines how Belgoprocess as an organisation prepares for emergencies and how emergencies are dealt with in order to return to a normal situation. 
The emergency plan defines the organisational structures, procedures, and arrangements for emergencies. The plan describes who has which tasks and powers in emergency situations and how coordination with regulations and other organisations takes place. Emergency response plans are prepared in advance in order to deal effectively with emergency situations. They describe what action to take in different types of emergency situations.