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represents an essential

link within the

nuclear industry

Belgoprocess represents an essential link within the multitude of nuclear applications in our today’s society (energy supply, medical applications, research, industry, …).

In the context of the public services that they provide, Belgoprocess intends to concentrate their activities in three areas:

  • Industrial activities in the field of radioactive waste management (treatment, conditioning, and intermediate storage awaiting the final disposal of radioactive waste);
  • Dismantling of decommissioned nuclear plants, remediation of contaminated buildings and sites, decontamination of materials and structures;
  • The retention and development of new knowledge and know-how, the execution of projects, and the commercial use of the know-how within these areas.

In this respect, Belgoprocess participates in the development of the public services in question and makes a contribution to the sustainable development of our society.

Our mission is to carry out these activities in a careful and professional manner, while paying the greatest attention to our customers and our employees, to safety and the environment, and to the socio-economic development of the region, with the intention of setting a leading example within Europe.