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Gravenstraat 73 / B-2480 Dessel / Belgium
Phone: +32 14 33 41 11
Fax.: +32 14 33 40 99
E-Mail: info@belgoprocess.be

Safety, a priority

COVER DUURZAAMHEIDSRAPPORT-2014 kleinPersonal safety of employees and the need to protect the environment and the general public are key. Belgoprocess distinguishes between personal and internal safety on the one hand and external safety and the environment on the other.

Ensuring internal safety involves promoting employees’ personal safety and anticipating risks. Active prevention, protection and risk management are regarded as essential to ensuring safety in the workplace. External safety and the environment are closely monitored when internal activities have the potential to have an impact externally.

Ongoing training in safety behaviour is a necessity to maintain safety awareness. That is why, in 2009, Belgoprocess launched the SAVE programme: Together Active for Security and Efficiency. The objective is to systematically analyse and improve safety and work efficiency and to involve all levels of employees in doing so.

Number of industrial accidents speaks for itself

The number of industrial accidents has reduced substantially in the last decade. Currently, the record number of days without an industrial accident is 380. This can only be accomplished because of a firm commitment of the entire staff. By constantly working on safety and on sharpening the safety culture, Belgoprocess aims to prevent industrial accidents.

The number of accidents has declined steadily in the past several years:

  Industrial accidents Frequency rate* Severity rate**
2006 8 23,6 0,32
2007 2 6,1 0,06
2008 1 3,08 0,23
2009 4 10,6 0,28
2010 6 15,3 1,20
2011 10,17  0,07 
2012 2 4,92 0,02
2013 2 4,74 0,03
2014 3 7,04 0,17
2015 6 14,31 0,14
2016 2 4,85 0,08
2017 4 9,38 0,26
2018 3 7,02 0,19

*The frequency rate is the ratio between 1 million times the number of accidents and the number of hours worked.

**The severity rate is the ratio between 1,000 times the actual number of calendar days lost and the number of hours worked.

Safety, a priority

Sustainable operations are only possible if every activity is conducted and completed safely by all the parties concerned.
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Open communication

Open Communication: Belgoprocess regards open dialogue with local people as indispensable. Have a look at what we do



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