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Gravenstraat 73 / B-2480 Dessel / Belgium
Phone: +32 14 33 41 11
Fax.: +32 14 33 40 99
E-Mail: info@belgoprocess.be

UF6 cylinder washing and recertification

Belgoprocess offers clients worldwide washing and recertification services for empty and heeled uranium hexafluoride (UF6) transport cylinders, as well as temporary storage of these cylinders and reconversion of the washing liquids. The washing liquids originating from the washing process still contain valuable uranium, which is recovered through reconversion. The end product of the reconversion process is a dry sodium di-uranate (SDU) powder, which is eventually reused in the fuel cycle.

At its site in Dessel, Belgoprocess has invested extensively in highly automated, state-of-the-art washing/recertification and reconversion installations.

Safety, a priority

Sustainable operations are only possible if every activity is conducted and completed safely by all the parties concerned.
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Open communication

Open Communication: Belgoprocess regards open dialogue with local people as indispensable. Have a look at what we do



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