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Gravenstraat 73 / B-2480 Dessel / Belgium
Phone: +32 14 33 41 11
Fax.: 32 (0)
E-Mail: info@belgoprocess.be

Temporary storage of conditioned Belgian radioactive waste

While awaiting final disposal, the conditioned radioactive waste is stored temporarily in storage buildings that provide radiation shielding.

Belgoprocess has storage buildings for low-level conditioned waste, medium-level conditioned waste high-level vitrified waste, and alpha-contaminated waste. Currently, Belgoprocess is temporarily storing the following volumes of radioactive waste:

  • 440 m3 high-level conditioned waste
  • 3.895 m3 medium-level conditioned waste
  • 19.460 m3 low-level conditioned waste

The high-level waste is the smallest in volume (1.4% of all waste) but represents 98% of radioactivity in all the stored waste. High-level waste consists mostly of vitrified waste transported back to Belgium following reprocessing in France of used fuel elements from the Belgian nuclear power plants. The majority of the used fuel elements are temporarily stored at the nuclear power plant sites.

Safety, a priority

Sustainable operations are only possible if every activity is conducted and completed safely by all the parties concerned.
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Open communication

Open Communication: Belgoprocess regards open dialogue with local people as indispensable. Have a look at what we do



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