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Gravenstraat 73 / B-2480 Dessel / Belgium
Phone: +32 14 33 41 11
Fax.: +32 14 33 40 99
E-Mail: info@belgoprocess.be

Welcome to Belgoprocess

Radioactivity plays an important role in medical and in industrial and scientific applications. What is more, the major part of the electricity production in Belgium is still derived from nuclear technology. All these activities result in a residual amount of waste that requires special care. When Belgium opted for a centralised approach to process its radioactive waste, Belgoprocess was entrusted with this responsibility.

Belgoprocess has an extensive knowledge and experience, as well as multifunctional infrastructure to treat, condition and store radioactive waste and decommission obsolete nuclear installations safety and responsibly. Belgoprocess continuously strives towards optimizing existing technologies and developing new ones. More recently, Belgoprocess offers this know-how also to international clients on a commercial basis.

Belgoprocess can therefore justifiably be called an international, high-tech environmental company in the heart of the Kempen region.

Safety, a priority

Sustainable operations are only possible if every activity is conducted and completed safely by all the parties concerned.
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Open communication

Open Communication: Belgoprocess regards open dialogue with local people as indispensable. Have a look at what we do



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